Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in sustainabletips,
Aisha (A Pi)

SoyQuick Automatic Soymilk Maker

I bought a SoyQuick machine about a year ago, I read good reviews about it so I got one. I found a similar Chinese soymilk machine online for about $80; SoyQuick honored their price match guarantee and let me purchase their machine for the same price. (Sorry, I lost the link to the Chinese machine).

- Less waste/pollution than buying soymilk from a store
- Somewhat convenient, no more trips by bus to Wal-Mart for my favorite brand of soymilk, only to find that they're out
- VERY cheap, milk comes out to roughly 20 cents per half gallon (I get my soybeans from a Korean grocery store nearby)
- Tastes great, as good as the soy milk I used to buy and much better than Silk
- No preservatives/random crap
- Easy to use
- As far as I can tell, good customer service and a long warranty
- You can make other milks besides soy, such as rice (I've tried this and it came out good), almond, oat, etc

- You have to soak your soybeans for 5-8 hours before you can use them in the machine
- Kind of a pain to clean, although this machine comes with a cleaning kit which is nice
- No added calcium as found in store-bought soymilk
- Milk tends to go bad after a week; my store-bought soymilk would usually last 2-3 weeks
- You have to wait a few hours for the milk to cool before you can use it. Otherwise it tastes really strange.

Suggestions (for the manufacturer, sent 6/5/08):
- I would love it if this came with a lid for the pitcher so I could stick it directly in the refrigerator. I am currently using a glass plate which works ok, but a custom lid would be nice.

Overall I give this product a 9.5/10. Even though there are a number of cons, the advantages are very strong ones. Just the same, you may want to look into buying a soymilk machine that does not require that the beans be pre-soaked, and/or a machine that lot leave pulp behind as the cleanup would likely be faster.
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